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9th Street Hoagie

Genoa salami, hot capicola, prosciutto, sharp provolone, LTO and ultimate vinaigrette.

Girard Ave Hoagie

House braised pork, grilled peppers and onions, sharp provolone.

Cedar Hoagie

Smoky grilled bacon, aged parmesan, cherry peppers, house made Caesar dressing and romaine lettuce.

Race Street Hoagie

House roasted turkey prosciutto, house blended basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, LTO and olive oil.

SP Double Stack Burger

Two angus beef patties, yellow American cheese, signature boom boom sauce, caramelized onion, red onion, and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.

South Deux Hoagie

House blended basil pesto, lemon infused ricotta, fresh basil and roma tomato.

Ben Franklin Hoagie

House made marinara, sharp provolone and fresh basil

Pattison Ave Hoagie

House braised pork, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone cheese.

Jackson Hoagie

House made herb'd chicken salad, house made honey dijon, sliced avocado and smoky grilled bacon.

Memphis Raines Hoagie

Pickles, crystal hot sauce, gorgonzola, kale and red cabbage slaw, red onion and house made buttermilk parmesan dressing.

Delicious American Sandwiches to Savor

Delicious American Sandwiches to Savor
Indulge in our mouthwatering sandwiches, crafted with care and fresh ingredients. From classic BLTs to hearty turkey clubs, our American-style sandwiches are sure to satisfy your cravings. Sink your teeth into our signature Reuben or savor the flavors of our grilled cheese. Experience sandwich perfection at our restaurant.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for American Sandwiches

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for American Sandwiches
Satisfy cravings with our American sandwich delivery. Enjoy classic Reubens, hearty clubs, and more. Order online for convenient pickup or delivery. Indulge in our famous Philly cheesesteak without leaving home. Experience the best American sandwich options at your doorstep.

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